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SymbioBiz is a unique approach to entrepreneurial support. Research shows that one of the biggest pressures startup businesses face is caused by their need for space. The overhead associated with maintaining a full time physical location makes the already steep hill startups climb more financially stressful.

SymbioBiz is an answer to under resourced, expensive incubator programs. Because we do not have our own dedicated building, we are able to keep our operating expenses to a minimum. How are we able to do that? Churches, cities and local businesses in the community often say that they would like to support entrepreneurs, but they aren’t sure how. We can make this happen for them. By allowing SymbioBiz to utilize one of their unused spaces for our ecosystem, they will be making a lasting impact to the community without any added expense. It’s a win-win for both the entrepreneur and host organization.


About FlexPlay

FlexPlay is the Family Business Hub's anchor tenant. FlexPlay provides some amazing amenities for entrepreneurial families and will be the first family coworking space in Kansas City.

FlexPlay is a community coworking space with childcare. Parents have a productive work space while their children engage in a fun learning program.

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Ready to take the next step? We can help you build a business that works with your family, not against it. 

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A night of dinner, dancing, drinks, and fun. Bring a date and do prom the right way. All proceeds will be used to provide future programming for parent entrepreneurs. Sponsorship opportunities available.