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Mom's Night Out: Makeup Clean Up **FREE**

This is a Mom's Night Out event. Bring your friends and come learn how to make the most of your makeup.

Spring is here (finally!!) and it’s time to spring clean! Beauty-style! Do you even know what’s in your make up bag anymore or do you just find the cutest new pallet out there buy it and not even know how to use all your colors? How long have you had your mascara? Too long? Have no fear! I can help. I’ll walk you through your favorite, yet underutilized make up pallets and teach you how to use every single color! We’ll also talk about your products and how long you should be using them before it’s time to get a new one.

Want to learn easy day to evening looks? I’ve got you. Need tips and tricks on how to look fresh every morning no matter how much sleep you’ve actually gotten? I can help with that! I’m here for you! It’s time to feel good in your own skin! Love yourself and find that balance! I can’t wait to get started!

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Thank you to JBF Lee's Summit for sponsoring this class series.

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