What is SymbioBiz?


SymbioBiz is a business incubator for parent entrepreneurs, offering co-working space,
business classes, individual counseling, coaching sessions, childcare, and more.


America was built in the backs of entrepreneurs.  Especially small businesses. Data from the Census Bureau shows that 99.7% of the businesses in America today are those with less than 500 employees.  Those with less than 20 employees made up 89% of all businesses. A subset of these small businesses are parent entrepreneurs, those who stay at home and raise children while building a business create income for themselves and invest time in cultivating a strong family and engaged children.

The Goal Of SymbioBiz is to help these parent entrepreneurs build strong families and strong businesses.

By offering business classes targeted to the special needs of parent businesses, individual counseling as well as group business coaching sessions and online communities, SymbioBiz is committed to providing these entrepreneurs with the formal business training needed to help not only succeed but thrive.  By partnering with FlexPlay, SymbioBiz will enable parent entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and focus on their business with drop-in daycare with an educational format to the children’s time with the caregivers. SymbioBiz aims gives parent entrepreneurs the tools they need to build a thriving, local business: space, knowledge, and childcare.

Stephanie has spent the last 10 years supporting entrepreneurs in the Kansas City area through the Ennovation Center Business Incubator, KC Source link and as a business coach with True North Entrepreneurs.  Through her experience, she has seen firsthand the struggles these businesses encounter and designed the non-profit SymbioBiz as a way to combat these challenges and give these families and businesses a safe, inclusive and supportive place to grow.  Help Stephanie support these families as they work to fulfill their dreams.

By supporting our campaign, you will be directly impacting the lives of these families, children and businesses for years to come.  All proceeds will go towards technology equipment, desks, chairs and other office equipment as well as marketing campaigns. Help us support our local parent entrepreneurs.  Thank you for your help!