What is a Family Business Hub?

Our Family Business Hub is a place where parent entrepreneurs come together to grow their businesses and families. We are partnering with South Summit Christian Church, a mission centered church, to grow our first Family Business Hub. Our hub is essentially a business incubator for entrepreneurs who choose to grow their businesses slower so they can focus on their families. We provide flexible  business space so they can use our facility when they want to grow without the extra overhead. We will host a wide variety of businesses. 


We offer more than just space. Growing a business is challenging and done correctly can be very rewarding. We provide business support services in a village format. 



FlexPlay a community coworking space with childcare. Parents have a productive work space while their children engage in a fun learning program. 

Wellness Providers

SymbioBiz has a flexible space for wellness businesses including talk therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other personal care providers. These entrepreneurs are able to utilize FlexPlay to grow their businesses with their kids close by. Their clients are also able to utilize the childcare offered by FlexPlay, allowing care takers to get the much needed self care while their kids engage in fun learning activities. Apply to join The Hub.



Large classroom 

Our large classroom is the perfect space to host a fitness class, dance class or music recital. Our large classroom has even been turned into a stage to support a full theatre production. We have audiovisual equipment and our space can be flexed to accommodate your event. Apply now to host your event at The Hub.

Small Classroom

Our smaller classrooms are perfect for hosting an art class or other classes. We have a variety of spaces that can fit up to 20 people, classroom style. Apply now to host your workshop at The Hub.